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Made in USA


INCLUDED! - Neptune Clear Waterproof Case
Line Cutter
Scale Grip System
Tier-1 Designed
Made in the USA
Unique Serial #
INCLUDED! - IWB Sheath Concealable Sheath
Why Neptune?
The Best EDC Blade?
NEPT-X Proprietary Coating
8 1/8" Overall Length
3 1/8" Blade Length
Spear Point Double Edge W Serrations



INCLUDED - Blade Sheath - Black W Zero Clip!

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INCLUDED! Free Blade Basics Online Training

INCLUDED! - Blade Work 1 - Online Training Course W Dom Raso To Improve Your Concealed Blade Capabilities

Add Blade Sheath - Coyote Tan w NEPT-X Zero Clip

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Add Blade Sheath - Blue w NEPT-X Zero Clip

Add Blade Sheath - Red w NEPT-X Zero Clip

Add Blade Sheath - For Carrier/Armor w Hook Velcro - Black

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Add Blade Oil

Developed for
Nautical Precision/EXTREME EDC

If it can hold up to brutal salt water environments, it will hold up while you are pushing yourself to the limits and drenching it with sweat. Prepared for all Everyday Carry and Operational challenges.


A custom, clear, waterproof, and extremely resistant case is now INCLUDED with your Neptune Blade purchase. Stamped with the Neptune Logo, this case was designed to keep your gear/Blades dry and protected. The case includes padded inserts, a detachable harness for securing items, and a locking key. Built to be just as rugged as your adventures and to keep your gear ready to go when you are. The strap/harness system keeps your items/blade from tumbling around and has enough space to keep all of your extra blade accessories secure. If you do not end up using it with your blade, it can be used to keep your other gear or electronics safe and dry out on the water. 

Line cutters prove themselves time and time again. Quickly allowing you to reference problem line and apply pressure until the line cuts. Integrated into our blade we wanted to give this adventure blade a tried and true feature that won’t let you down. Sharpened with a diamond wheel so we achieve maximum sharpness and long lasting performance. 

A calculated and feature design that will continue to open up possibilities for this adventure blade. Options and modularity is what we continue to keep in mind as we expand the capabilities of our Dive Blade. The scales can be removed for quickly rinsing/cleaning your blade or to enhance future features that are in the works!


Because our lives depend on it – Designed and developed to meet the highest Special Operations Tier-1 standards. Tier-1 means that your life depends on the success and performance of your gear and equipment and that there is zero excuse to take shortcuts to creating the best. Every detail matters because our lives truly do depended on the items we rely on every day. 

A Dive Blade that is designed, developed, and tested, by a Navy SEAL that is passionate about building the best dive blade in the world. Tier-1 Operators and special operations units should be running the highest functioning gear/blades in the world. Especially in and around the water. This is why Neptune was built.   Developed entirely by Operators of the highest level of Special Operations and designed from real-world combat experience to bring you the absolute best and most effective blades on the market.

100% of this blade was made in the USA. If you really wanted to know 1 thing that sets this blade apart from our competition it is that we made sure we are supporting 11+ hard working American and Veteran owned Companies. We know that we are taking care of the families that help continue to set a foundation of security in this country. 

Each blade will have a unique serial # engraved under the NEPT-x coating on the handle. This first production run is marking history for us and the revolutionary blade it going to be the start of many great things for the future for Neptune Blades and CRUSH EVERYTHING. We still get phone calls from all the OG Dynamis Blade owners so we are excited to get those same phone calls with different sea stories in the near future! 

We have had a lot of requests to purchase a Neptune Blade without the Dive Blade Carry Components. We listened and here it is! Keeping this package simplified makes it more obtainable for people looking to EDC this blade.

Keep things simple with an in the waistband streamlined sheath. Allows you to carry both reverse and forward grip and attaches to just about any type of clothing using our Zero clip which is also coated in Nept-X! 

OUR MISSION: To design and launch the best dive blade in the world! After years in the military operating in professional and recreational environments, there has never been a dive blade that was able to perform to our level of expectations. Not being able to find the perfect blade, we set out on the mission to build the Neptune. A dive blade that could go from free diving to operating in a night time military environment.  After a total of 20+ years of dreaming up the perfect dive blade and 11+ years of design/testing, we now Introduce to you the NEPTUNE DIVE BLADE! 

We know provide an option where you can buy the Neptune Blade and an IWB sheath. We have designed all of our blades around this simple yet extremely effective sheath so that even when the Neptune Blade is not exploring new depths underwater, it can be put in your waistband and carried concealed with you everywhere you go. We do our best to allow multiple uses with a single product making it adapt from environment to environment more effectively. With the rigorous standards we put into our NEPTUNE DIVE BLADE, it is designed to handle just about anything you can throw at it, making it one of the most reliable every day carry blades you can use. Jumping into salt water, sweating on it, or implementing its use is really up to you. No matter how you decide to use it, it will be ready. 

NEPT-X has evolved and given you the ability to push our blade even further. We wanted a blade you could truly take ANYWHERE. This new proprietary coating allows us to go through any environment with confidence. Most importantly increasing our exposure and confidence in corrosive salt water conditions. CPM-S110V COMBINED WITH THIS PROPRIETARY COATING = A COMBINATION THAT WILL RISE TO THE TOP OF PERFORMANCE WHEN PUSHED IN AND AROUND THE WATER. We wanted to build a blade that no matter where we carried, we could depend on it with our lives. From braining fish to extreme Tier-1 operational conditions we know it will preform.

Steel made in the USA- We spared no expense using the most premium and durable steel we could find. The balance of finding something that is corrosion resistant, durable, and will hold and keep an edge is not an easy task in the world of blades. During testing and continued use, the CPMS-110V has kept an edge and performed better under corrosive conditions than any other steel we have tested. And the testing NEVER stops. We are in perpetual research and development mode. We have been collecting years of collective data and feedback on our NEPT-X coated SMR Blade. Pushed in very demanding conditions which usually includes sweat drenched workouts, marathons, boating us, and operational environments. It is unique to find such a solid combinations of performance in the metal world. We have continued to increase our use of this material and hope you find its capabilities as useful as we do. Perhaps the best thing about this material aside from its performance is that we get to support American workers and manufacturing in the process. 🇺🇸

8 1/8″ Total length of the blade. The was the perfect length to fit both forward and reverse grip with a universal grip for all sized hands in the water. 

3 1/8″ Blade Length

A proven combination to maximize uses. From on duty/Defense you to braining a fish for our Waterman, there is not a better combination to give you maximum performance and adaptability in the water.

Our first dive blade had to meet high standards and function. We designed the Neptune Blade with a spear point and double edge. Uniquely featured for every underwater purpose we could think of. The serrations were designed to ensure a strong sawing/emergency cutting capability. Both the line cutter and the back side serrations are put on the Neptune Blade with a Diamond Cutting wheel for a lasting and precision edge that will perform. 



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    Amazing blade

    I’m extremely happy with this blade. The grip is very comfortable and fits well in THE hands. The jimping is spacious enough that its not overly aggressive. THE QUALITY OF THIS BLADE AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL IS OUTSTANDING. THE BLADE AND SErRATIONS ARE EXTREMELY SHARP! I decided to save some money and skip on the Dive sheeth. in the future I MIGHT BUY THE DIVE SHEETH IF ITS AVAILABLE separately. but for now this blade is my EDC AND I CANT RECOMMEND IT ENOUGH! You honestly can’t go wrong. In my option Between the full size blades this one is THe best all around. You cant beat the fine SERRATions, line cutter, NEPT x coating and ambidextrous grip.

    June 18, 2024

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