CFH KIT (7.5″ Combat Flathead)


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Made in USA


INCLUDED! - Waterproof Protective Case
Lanyard Hole
Tier-1 Designed
INCLUDED! - IWB/IWS Concealable Sheath
Why a Combat Flathead?
Rugged S7 Tool Steel
Integrated Jimping & Sculpted Grip
NEPT-X Coating
7.5" Overall Length
Mounting Options
As seen in the Jack Carr Book Series

INCLUDED! - Free Blade Basics Online Training

INCLUDED! - Protective Waterproof Hard Case


INCLUDED! - New CFH Gen-2 Sheath System

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Add Combat Flathead Trainer


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Add Belt Anchor Strap (B.A.S.) - Non-Metallic

Add Blade Oil

Add Honor Sticker

Add SADA - Critical MIND-SET Training Course - Situational Awareness, De-Escalation and Avoidance.

Add Blade Work 1 - Online training course w Dom Raso to improve your concealed blade capabilities

Developed for
Utility And Concealability

Carry it anywhere, for everything. Easily concealable, multipurpose, tool, designed for unlimited applications. Tier-1 Combat experience inspired the design and development of this critical tool. Made to go where blades can’t, the Dynamis Combat Flathead is one of the most utilitarian tools in existence. "Every American needs a Combat Flathead"! -Jack Carr


NOW INCLUDED! Our Custom USA Made black Dynamis Case will keep your gear/Blades dry and protected. Embossed with the Dynamis logo and built to be just as rugged as your adventures. Comes with a Molded insert and a gear web that keeps your blade/sheath/gear from rattling around. It also includes 2 keys to lock that case and keep everything secure.

  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Impact Resistant
  • Crush Proof
  • Dust Proof
  • Flip Latch Pressure Equalization System

The integrated lanyard hold allows you to attach cord so you can quickly access the CFH when it is a more hidden area. You can also use it as a starting point to customize or wrap the handle for added texture or personal touches. 

Developed entirely by Operators of the highest level of Special Operations and designed from real-world combat experience to bring you the absolute best and most effective tools on the market.

From start to finish. Every part of the process and all of the materials that are used to build the CFH are made right here in the USA. 

The all new Generation 2 CFH Sheath/Sleeve is included. We upgraded how we are carrying one of our favorite tools. Now with upgraded and precision tension on the retention method and draw. The sheath is mounted with a NEPT-X coated ZERO CLIP. Designed to comfortably hide in the waistband or attach to your kit/carrier/molle. It now functions with non metallic mounting options, Zero Clip, IWS, and fits all versions of our CFH or Spike line. 

“The flathead tool was one of the most useful and used tools during my combat operational career. I used it to pry, punch, break, smash, dig, open, and countless of other uses. This is a tool I do not leave home without.” -Dom Raso

Dynamis Combat Flathead is made from shock-resistant, hardened S7 steel that is designed for high impact without fracturing or bending in applications that require extreme toughness. 

The handle is designed for maximum grip and minimum signature. Comfort, Texture, Ergonomics, impact, and prying were all part of the development of the handle. Our goal was to keep it comfortable enough to carry every single day without worrying about any discomfort while maximizing the grip function. Each jumping point was strategically placed to grab and put it to work with max effect.

We were tired of our blades and gear rusting in the salt water. NEPT-X is a unique and proprietary, jet black coating that creates an extremely corrosive resistant protection, built for use in saltwater environments. Developed through years of rigorous testing in cooperation with F-1 consulting. The NEPT-X coating meets our Tier-1 standards and will significantly extend the life of the tool.

The perfect length for ALL applications! Concealable yet sturdy enough to apply to all environments. 

With the All new Gen-2 sheath, we set out to give the end user full adaptability when choosing how and when to carry the CFH. Works with all clothing when carrying IWB and has a slicker more comfortable design when carrying in the waistband. Works with most Molle carries seamlessly clipping in behind using the Zero clip. You can also upgrade by adding the Non-metallic BAS strap Kit to your order which will give you 2 non metallic options. BAS anchors to your belt and the IWS tab inserts into the IWS waistband with no metal clip. 

“Every American needs a Combat Flathead”. James Reece finds himself in some very interesting scenarios and the CFH is always ready and up for the task! The tool that James carries in the Terminal List series staring Chris Pratt. 

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  • Avatar

    Chris Youskauskas


    High quality tool with incredible attention to detail. Awesome grip and jimping with perfect balance. The corrosion proof coating is a nice touch. One really must feel this in hand to see what a great piece of gear this is. A “do everything” tool that will last a lifetime.

    February 7, 2024
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Mike Spight

    Epic piece of kit!

    Received my cfh yesterday and am blown away by the quality of the CraftsmanShip that went into the tool and sheath. It will be kept in my vertx bob that goes with me on long road trips, to the range, etc. as for the clip attachment on the sheath, its perfect for my dynamis lopro belt if i ever want to carry iwb. It also fits over my thick, ares aegis belt. Takes a bit of work to remove it, but doable.

    February 3, 2024
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Tod S Sefton


    I’m no operator, but I carry this every weekend while doing chores at the farm. Sometimes You never know how much you need something till after you have it! I use this every day I’m working. You will be surprised how handy this flathead is.

    November 30, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Matt Moseley

    Combat flathead crossed tomahawks Edition

    My favorite edc. I never really thought about carrying a flathead everyday. It seems like a novelty until you start using it then you see how handy it can be. I’ve removed installed screws and pried open covers and doors. I work in maintenance and have found all kinds of uses for it.

    November 20, 2023
  • Avatar



    Super nice piece of work!! It’s just a screwdriver that can be used for anything and everything!! Great build quality of a custom edc that will serve anyone well. Another big shout out to Erica, really appreciate the A1 customer service! And to Dom the creator, GREAT JOB!! Only downside is the price BUT it’s a price that represents the life of the product. And telling by hands on experience this CFH is going to last you!!

    10 10
    A1 SAUCE

    October 2, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Eric Moore

    Excellent tool but still room for improvement on the belt mounting options

    Obviously the flathead itself is excellent, the gen2 sheathe is great as well but what it’s really missing is a TRADITIONAL BELT OPtion. Sure you can clip it to your pants, or use the sort of gimmick velcro thingy that doesn’t stay attached to a belt very well, but there’s no real option to thread this thing onto a normal belt which is a bit of a letdown since I’m usually rocking a nice heavy leather beltman belt or a viking tactics rigger belt. Neither of those belts has a good way to attach the gen2 sheathe. The metal clipall thingy doesn’t really support a thicker belt like that, plus it will damage the F out of leather belts.

    It really Needs a kydex belt clip or loop option, in the meantime I’ve scabbed fabbed together one of my own that looks trash but is functionally perfect. Would love to see a factory kydex belt loop or clip option in the future, I’d buy that.

    August 25, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Michael Nelson


    I bought the CFh thinking it would just be cool to have.. but as soon as i started carrying it it IMMEDIATELY became my most used tool. The design makes its concealed carry almost unnoticeable. Did not realise how much i would use it and now its a must edc

    June 29, 2023
  • Avatar

    Sean Doherty

    The Value and the Price really do line up. I'll explain...

    I’ve seen people on the YouTubes say that this is “a lot of money for a screwdriver” at best and an “overpriced shank” at worst. If it were just a screwdriver, I would agree and if it was intended to be a “makeshift knife” then absolutely. But it’s neither of those things… because it’s both…ish. Look, you can get a great screwdriver of comparable size at any big box home center for a couple of bucks, right? So you buy one and put it in your bag. You encounter a need for a pry-tool and BAM, you whip out your handy dandy home center screwdriver and pry away. Now it’s bent, chipped, out of flat and generally not a good screwdriver anymore. You take it back and tell the home center employees what happened and ask for an exchange… what happens? Exactly. Nothing happens. You bought a screwdriver… then used it for something other than it’s STATED PURPOSE. THAT is the key: The stated purpose of the CFH G2 is “yes.” If you spent north of $300 on a screwdriver, you have more money than sense… but if you spent that kind of money on a tool designed from the ground up to be counted on to be ready for any action in the worst of conditions and under the most dynamic of circumstances while having no moving parts, virtually no upkeep and the lowest of low profiles in a small, slim and easy to stow foot print, then I’d say you found a fair deal. Assuming that that’s what you require, of course.

    June 22, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Brandon Hamilton

    Get one. It's only "just a screwdriver" if you don't use your imagination.

    I let the kids take the case in the backyard and pool the day it arrived. Everything stayed dry and protected. I wear XL gloves and the CFH feels good in my hands. I have spent more on blades in the past and usually buyer’s remorse came shortly after. Not the case here. It’s so easy to carry or throw in my pack that I have no reason to not have it. Looking forward to trying more products in the future.

    June 5, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Avatar


    newest and best tool to carry

    It was worth the wait. The Dynamis team have steadily continued to produce quality EDC gear for the consumer. The cFH is nothing short of brilliant. It is truly a utilitarian piece of equipment that even a novice can utilize under duress. The draw videos are helpful for those who haven’t had the chance to learn how to access blades. As dynamis keeps evolving I will keep buying. god bless this country and keep buying american made products!

    April 26, 2023

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