Uniformed servicemember wearing the DYNAMIS NO LOGO LOPRO BELT


When it comes to being an ASSET, you need to stack every advantage in your favor! Know YOUR profile. Know YOUR Gear. Know YOUR apparel. 

Apparel, gear, and training NEED to work together and help you win in every environment and scenario. 

The world is a dynamic place, so your strategy must change depending on context—and each piece of our gear was expertly TIER-1 DESIGNED to meet your every strategy. Whether your objective is to have an OVERT, LOW PROFILE, LOW-VIS, or NO-VIS presence, we have you covered. 

An ideal example of this is our bestselling LOPRO belt, industry leading among tactical belts, which we have crafted in 6 different variations to meet your every duty-related need down to the finest detail.

Tan DYNAMIS LOPRO NO LOGO BELT shown in ready room with gear

When the win you’re looking for will come from projecting an OVERT presence, we offer no-logo LOPRO belt options in both tan and black, designed for LE and MIL uniform compliance. Whether you’re operating overseas in full kit or on a SWAT team back home, everything about your uniformed presence says that you’re on the offensive, and when your goal is to put the bad guy on his back foot, your dominant and authoritative uniformed command presence enables you to do so. Whenever and wherever you’re on duty, at home or abroad, our 1.5″ no-logo belts in tan and black meet the standard.

In other scenarios, LOW PROFILE is the name of the game. You’re not trying to conceal who you are or what you’re doing, but you’re not overtly in full kit, either. Personal security detail (PSD) knows how LOW PROFILE is played: the suit and earpiece might make your presence less conspicuous, but you’re not hiding your mission or your role. A LOW PROFILE presence can offer a degree of flexibility—you could easily ditch the earpiece and jacket to disappear into a crowd—but, like an OVERT presence, an intelligent threat is watching you as much as you’re keeping an eye out for him. Our 1.5″ or 1.75″ LOPRO belt with red DYNAMIS logo is the perfect for range day, training day, or anytime you want to rep your WILL TO FIGHT while still keeping things relatively dialed back.

Black logo LOW VIS DYNAMIS LOPRO BELT shown with pistol, SMR blade, and other gear

A LOW-VIS presence offers an additional layer of discretion, which is the reason why we created the LOPRO belt with stealthy black LOW-VIS logo in both 1.5″ and 1.75″ widths. This LOW-VIS option is a great choice for the everyday asset on the go; while you’re not presenting yourself in an overtly tactical manner, an extremely well-trained eye is still going to be able to sniff you out. Sometimes, this is actually desirable—a Dynamis logo on your belt, just like the brand of pants or shoes you’re wearing, might hint at your shared tribal identity to another LOW-VIS asset you encounter in a crisis scenario.

DYNAMIS NO LOGO LOPRO BELT for a no-vis profile

In the most extreme high threat and non-permissive environments, where the element of surprise is most essential to your tactical advantage, the NO-VIS presence—being “the grey man”—is the ideal you must reach. When you’re NO-VIS, you completely blend in with the crowd; you’re unmemorable, you don’t stand out, and nothing about your external appearance says “tactical” even to the trained eye. The NO-VIS presence (which you will find with our black no-logo LOPRO belt) provides you with the ultimate strategic edge in a variety of scenarios. Like the venus fly trap, you appear harmless until you’re ready to STRIKE! 

Everything we offer at CRUSH EVERYTHING, DYNAMIS, and ARMR-UP is designed to build up the invisible Iron Man suit inside of you so that you are as much of an asset when you’re going NO-VIS as you would be in full kit (explore CRUSH EVERYTHING online training modules here, or visit our YouTube channel for more tips and pointers). Our core principles—WILL, TRAIN, EQUIP, and ENGAGE—guide those offerings to ensure that you have everything you need to function as the asset and shield that the people depending on you will need in a crisis.

To learn more about the OVERT/LOW PROFILE/LOW-VIS/NO-VIS continuum and how it can and should impact your mindset and training, check out our online SADA (Situational Awareness, De-Escalation, and Avoidance) course!

Point to consider: What profile are you looking for, or do you think you need to achieve, when going into your next threat environment?

Point to apply: Know your apparel ahead of time. Organize your outfits so that you know what you will wear when you are looking to be more of the grey man. 

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