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What is Bands And Bodyweight Workout?
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Developed for
Combat and Life

If you are reading this, there is a good chance you will do whatever it takes to avoid being a liability in a situation where you must protect yourself or your loved ones. As SEALs, we’re trained to be assets in combat and in life.

This commitment doesn’t stop when we are on the road or have limited equipment at our disposal. That’s why we created the Bodyweight & Bands Program.

It’s time to ARMR-UP! 

armr up blue band chest press


This program is built for those who want to GET IT DONE! It gives you no excuses to continue to sharpen your skills regardless of where you are, what your expertise level is, or the equipment you have access to. The journey of becoming an ASSET has no off days!

There are no excuses not to give life everything you have to ensure that you are an ASSET and NOT a liability.


Get instant access to this training program on any device that supports PDF viewing.

We also have a band pack that you can travel on the road with or upgrade to the pro pack. Find out more details here!

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    Great winter program

    With the recent cold weather, I needed to move inside from my outdoor gym. I purchased this program and as expected Crush Everything delivered! If your undecided, just pull the trigger and get it.

    December 28, 2022
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