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As seen in the Jack Carr Book Series
Full Carry Adaptability
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"Every American needs a Combat Flathead" -Jack Carr

The evolution to what you can carry anywhere, for anything, any time.


The New CFH GEN-2 Sheath comes standard with a mounted Zero clip that is coated with our proprietary NEPT-X coating and hardware. You can seamlessly remove and mount the clip at will. If you want to run non metallic, all you do is remove the clip and replace with the BAS strap (sold separately) Link for Strap here

Fits with most molle and carriers so you can fit it in the slim webbing to give you immediate access when on duty. 

“Every American needs a Combat Flathead”. James Reece finds himself in some very interesting scenarios and the CFH is always ready and up for the task! 

The end user is in control of how and where they decide to mount the new G2 CFH Sheath. We wanted to give the user full control and ability to place this essential tool. See Mounting options below for more details.

With our new cutting edge design, we were able to include all mounting options to this one single and simple sheath. 

  1. ZERO CLIP – Mountable on athletic apparel or Molle system
  2. IWS TAB – For Non metallic use or attached to our IWS 
  3. NON METALLIC B.A.S. – Anchored in place using a belt 
  4. SLICK MOUNT – Get creative with how and where you can mount your new G2 CFH Sheath. The options are adaptable and endless

100% MADE IN THE USA AND WE GUARANTEE ALL OF OUR SHEATHS FOR LIFE!  Retention/performance of our sheath system is critical for successful daily carry. If for ANY reason you believe this system is not meeting our Tier-1 quality standard, please contact us immediately and we will replace your sheath with only 1 question…how can we make it better! 

The upgraded GEN-2 CFH sheath is quickly becoming the Gold Standard in todays sheathing/Sleeve systems. Every detail is purposeful and functional. The back of the sheath is smooth and designed for every day/All Day comfort. 

Because our lives depend on it – Designed and developed to meet the highest Special Operations Tier-1 standards. Tier-1 means that your life depends on the success and performance of your gear and equipment and that there is zero excuse to take shortcuts to creating the best. Every detail matters because our lives truly do depended on the items we rely on every day. 


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