CFH-X KIT (6.5″)


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Made in USA


INCLUDED! - Waterproof Protective Case
INCLUDED! - IWB Concealed Sheath
Why a Combat Flathead?
Mounting Options
Integrated Jimping & Sculpted Grip
6.5" Overall Length
Rugged S7 Tool Steel
NEPT-X Coating
Tier-1 Designed

INCLUDED! - Protective Waterproof Dynamis Case


INCLUDED! - CFH G2 Sheath System

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Add Combat Flathead Trainer


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Add Belt Anchor Strap (B.A.S.) - Non-Metallic

Add Blade Oil

Add Honor Sticker

Add Situational Awareness/Mind-Set Training Course

Add Blade Work 1 - Online Training Course W Dom Raso To Improve Your Concealed Blade Capabilities

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Carrying it everywhere, just got easier. Seriously. It's a flathead. 6.5" of pure utility.


NOW INCLUDED! Our Custom USA Made black Dynamis Case will keep your gear/Blades dry and protected. Embossed with the Dynamis logo and built to be just as rugged as your adventures. Comes with a Molded insert and a gear web that keeps your blade/sheath/gear from rattling around. It also includes 2 keys to lock that case and keep everything secure.

  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Impact Resistant
  • Crush Proof
  • Dust Proof
  • Flip Latch Pressure Equalization System

From start to finish. Every part of the process and all of the materials that are used to build the CFH are made right here in the USA. 

We upgraded how we are carrying one of our favorite tools. Now with upgraded and precision tension on the retention method and draw. The sheath is mounted with a NEPT-X coated ZERO CLIP. Designed to comfortably hide in the waistband or attach to your kit/carrier/molle. It now functions with non metallic mounting options, Zero Clip, IWS, and fits all versions of our CFH or Spike line. 

“The flathead tool was one of the most useful and used tools during my combat operational career. I used it to pry, punch, break, smash, dig, open, and countless of other uses. This is a tool I do not leave home without.” -Dom Raso

With the All new Gen-2 sheath, we set out to give the end user full adaptability when choosing how and when to carry the CFH. Works with all clothing when carrying IWB and has a slicker more comfortable design when carrying in the waistband. Works with most Molle carries seamlessly clipping in behind using the Zero clip. You can also upgrade by adding the Non-metallic BAS strap Kit to your order which will give you 2 non metallic options. BAS anchors to your belt and the IWS tab inserts into the IWS waistband with no metal clip. 

The handle is designed for maximum grip and minimum signature. Comfort, Texture, Ergonomics, impact, and prying were all part of the development of the handle. Our goal was to keep it comfortable enough to carry every single day without worrying about any discomfort while maximizing the grip function. Each jumping point was strategically placed to grab and put it to work with max effect.

This new length enters into a different need and capability. While the original length is perfect for all situations, this modifications allows you to be adaptable in different settings. The perfect length for ALL applications! Concealable, strong, and reliable.

Dynamis Combat Flathead is made from shock-resistant, hardened S7 steel that is designed for high impact without fracturing or bending in applications that require extreme toughness. 

We were tired of our blades and gear rusting in the salt water. NEPT-X is a unique and proprietary, jet black coating that creates an extremely corrosive resistant protection, built for use in saltwater environments. Developed through years of rigorous testing in cooperation with F-1 consulting. The NEPT-X coating meets our Tier-1 standards and will significantly extend the life of the tool.

Because our lives depend on it – Designed and developed to meet the highest Special Operations Tier-1 standards. Tier-1 means that your life depends on the success and performance of your gear and equipment and that there is zero excuse to take shortcuts to creating the best. Every detail matters because our lives truly do depended on the items we rely on every day. 

FROM EXPERIENCE – “The FLATHEAD was one of the single most effective tools I used while I was deployed overseas during combat operations.” -Dom Raso

Developed entirely by Operators of the highest level of Special Operations and designed from real-world combat experience to bring you the absolute best and most effective tools on the market.

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    Kyle Moore

    I own the 1st gen, and every other Dynamis blade, but this is a Loss for me

    First and foremost, i own eveey dynamis Blade, and the first gen CFH. Love all of them. However, i wish i DIDN’T Purchase this. This is not a kit…its a flathead and an unnecessary case. The description is very misleading about a sheath. No sheath is included in this “kit” even though a sheath is includes with everything else offered. When it said that it is g2 sheath compatible, i took that as it was coming with its own proprietary sheath, but could be used with the g2 sheath if desired. I almost bought a true cfh x “kit” on tacswap that included The sheath for a little less, but thought i would pay a little more to spend my money with the product developer themselves, but i should have gone the tacswap route so i could have actually gotten a full, usable kit.

    November 3, 2023
    Verified Review
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    Richard Neuner

    Best Edc piece i own

    The most COMFORTABLE iwb piece of edc that i own. An actual true edc, whether its in gym shorts or jeans, this thing just forms right to the body and leaves no imprint. Everyone should have one. You can take it EVERYWHERE, can carry in multiple different options, and use it for just about anything. Edc should be a knife, a flashlight, and the combat flathead !

    September 10, 2023
    Verified Review
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    Before anything, I truly wanted the full size cfh gen2 before it sold out!!! But after talking with the super badass photographer customer service rep ERICA she offered me to try out the “X” version. And in all honesty it’s A1 awesome!! The build quality and solid build quality is part none!! Being an entire inch shorter than the original it just has an excellent edc feel!! And then there’s the new sheath, ITS SOLID AF and feels over built in a good way!!! The product gives me the feel of a custom and then some!! As for the ordering and shipping, it was rocky at first but ERICA stayed in consistent communication!! This product is a statement of being MADE IN THE US OF A!!! If you got the funds and want a custom BADASS piece of EDC then DO IT!!! Ty again Erica!!

    September 2, 2023
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    patrick mccarthy

    Cfh x kit

    I own all 3 combat flatheads the gen 1, gen 2 and this model, the X. The x is by far my least FAVORITE for A few REASONS. First the kit does not include A sheath. The gen 2 type Sheath does fit the x model but you still have the additional length of the original sheath so the reduced size does nothing it still takes up the same space when combined with the sheath. Due to the x not including a sheath, i rated the retention a 3. It is retained well in the gen 2 sheath but the x model should have its own sheath that takes up less space. I rated the system as a 2 because the kit is not EXACTLY a kit it is just the flathead and box. ADDITIONALLY, there was a small chip in the COATING, why i rated quality at a 4. at this price point i was not very happy about finding that.

    June 2, 2023
    Verified Review
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    Brenton Myers

    Unexpectedly awesome

    I would have never known this brand without reading the books writen by Jack Carr. And i am glad i did read those books because one of the best things i have ever bought. This screwdriver has been handy ever since i purchased it. No other way to carry anyother screwdriver. And i dont feel naked in places where im not allowed to carry.

    May 23, 2023
    Verified Review

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