We are in a crisis. A faithful Man crisis. Men are folding and yielding left and right because of lack of values and their conviction of faith and the truth. If there is one thing you will learn about our brotherhood is that we are unwaveringly marching together towards a higher calling.


One of the principles Men need to take seriously is to relentlessly seek the truth. Seeking the truth of this short life is EXTREMELY uncomfortable. It forces you to change everything as soon as it is revealed. God has a plan for you and I and we are very clearly called to TAKE ACTION and play a role in the world around us. Not to sit back and hope for everything to work itself out.

We should ALL be striving to be of one mind, one body, and living/praying in community with each other. The world wants us to sit in our living rooms staring at our phones until we rot into the grave. We need to understand that one of the most powerful things we can do is love God with all of our heart and love our neighbor. There really is nothing greater that will give you and I the focus and energy we need to live a meaningful life and accomplish the unimaginable.

We are called to be radically different. The world has no problem raising our kids and influencing our behavior if we become weak and indifferent. That is NOT what we were built for. We were made for the battle. The biggest lie of them all is that there is not battle to fight. This thought process will lead to a miserable and lonely life wondering where you went wrong. Its time to prepare.

Prayer is our most powerful tool. It is not talked about enough. I would challenge that the majority of us do not even really understand how to pray effectively. Most of us didn’t grow up with an emphasis on praying but an emphasis on how to please everyone around you and go find worldly successes. We have to get back to our roots. Warriors have always and will always Pray when they need guidance and direction. My prayer for you, is that you continue to sharpen this sword as your primary weapon.



We live in a world where everyone wants to get along. Even if it means falsely manipulating your entire life to achieve that goal. We are weaker than we have ever been in the history of the world. If you are reading this, God is calling YOU TO ENGAGE! To stand for something before it’s too late. Take action. Even if it is a small step to get your own heart and life in order. To truly care about the souls under your care. The people around you that you influence daily. Stop doing nothing and stand for the truth. it will be worth it… INTO THE BREACH. SHOULDER TO SHOULDER.

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    Dom Raso


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      What a great post and is so very true of our current situation in society. Funny coincidence: Just before receiving this weeks CE Intel Report (and reading this post) I was reading an article on the world’s departure from organized religion. Recent statistics show 3 in 10 U.S. adults said they have no religion, and even more alarming is 43% of younger adults in the U.S. (18-29 yoa) in this poll said they have no religion. Dom is absolutely on point when he says we have to live RADICALLY different from how this world is telling us to live. The truth we need to seek is in Jesus and the Bible…period. He is Truth. His word is Truth. And we need to seek this truth like the souls of ourselves, our families, our children, our friends depend on it…because it does. We can’t be “lukewarm” about it either. We have to pursue it with all our hearts as Dom perfectly put it. We need to emulate Jesus is everything we do in our short time on this earth. Sanctify everything we do at work, at home…in everything we do…offer it up to Him and for His glory. And if you don’t know where to start…don’t worry…our Lord will meet you right where you are at this very moment. He wants you. He loves you. He does have a plan for you. Seek Him out!!! Knock and the door will be opened to you. Anyway…such an awesome post and struck a cord with me. Thank you Dom for doing what you’re doing. Praying for you brother. Praying for all of you that the Lord brings you into the light amongst all the darkness in this world. SHOULDER TO SHOULDER!!! – Joe

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    Shawn Luther

    Thank you Mr.Rosso for the free knife training video and you comments and support in to the breach.I need self defense more then anything at 54 years old.My security alarm business has been forced to shut down from Texas state private security office,due to me being in the hospital from injury working trying to be honest and supplying security life safety fire alarms.It has destroyed my back in the last 30 years.I was disabled could not walk for 4 months since last December.The state private security for some reason came after me for compliance inspection.I had only had one compliance inspection in 30 years.This one was to shut me down.I had only done one job previous year.The renters in this building were cartel.The owners I had known since I was a kid.I found out DEA was involved.I also new one agents.City law enforcement was involved also.I did 90 percent of the cctv install had most the system working.The owners caused delays to make it available to view on line.I was suppose to help connect for the DEA.Then I had to have my back surgery immediately did not complete.I have lost everything.I needed to here what you said.wished I had friends like you.This country is in deep shit.I am a patriot.wished I went to the military.i would been disciplined to be what I wanted.I tried to be a stand up man.It has put me in horrible situations.Thanks for this site.when I get some money back in my pockets I will buy your knifes and train.I need to learn to defend this weak back bone and legs.rebuild everything.Find perseverance from following men like you and my distant relative Audie Murphy. Being honest doing right has left me broke.Least I know spiritually I will see the light one day.Sincerely Shawn Luther.LXI Security Systems.

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    Thank you, Dom; the world desperately needs more strong, Godly men. God bless you and your family for all you are doing.

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