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Everyday carry belt designed for extreme comfort and hidden function. MADE IN THE USA

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Choose an option
Small – 26″ – 30″
Medium – 30″ – 34″
Large – 34″ – 38″
X-Large 38"- 40"


Dimensions: 12 × 6 × 1 in SKU: DA-LPB15 Categories: ,


  • 100% MADE IN THE USA
This is our no excuses go-to belt for everyday carry and travel! If you are behind enemy lines or in a controlled environment, this is your belt. We designed this belt to be as low profile as possible without relying on a buckle. Buckles can snag, get hung up, and create unwanted bulk when concealing in the waistband.  We integrated hidden functions all throughout the belt giving you an advantage while traveling home or overseas. This simple yet effective solution makes it a no-brainer to add to your Equipment List. The webbing and design we used give you extreme comfort while maintaining security for ALL of your concealed items.



As a general rule of thumb, a belt used for IWB or IWS carry will need to be 1″ to 6″ greater than your pants waist size, depending on what you intend to carry. A belt 7″ or 8″ greater than pants waist size might even be appropriate if you intend to carry a mag pouch, a blade sheath, and a holster together. The best way to determine your sizing is to test a belt you currently own.

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Weight 3.6 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 1 in

Black/Grey, Black/Red


Small – 26″ – 30″, Medium – 30″ – 34″, Large – 34″ – 38″, X-Large 38"- 40"

72 reviews for 1.5″ LOPRO BELT

  1. Michael B. (verified owner)

    Love the profile of this belt.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Light enough to forget it’s there, but holds up to EDC needs.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fine Quality and Fast Shipping = Thank You

  5. Adam Fazio (verified owner)

    I’ve been running this belt since I received it as a daily go to work belt and as a ccw belt for iwb carry. I will be getting another one in the very near future. This is a great product for an all around use belt. If you don’t ccw and just need a light weight go anywhere belt its for you. If your looking for a no buckle belt to carry appendix its for you. Its just a great product, get one.

  6. John Campbell (verified owner)

    Very good product.

  7. Jon Y. (verified owner)

    Excellent product and excellent service!

  8. Brittany (verified owner)

  9. Seth Weatherhead (verified owner)

  10. Michell de la Fe

    Really like it!

  11. Jeff

  12. Richard M.

    This belt is perfect and comfortable. The velcro for adjustability (before and after dinner lol), the hidden pockets inside the belt. I highly recommend this belt!!

  13. Chris P.

    Quality product, not sure about being able to get any change or weight assist in the pockets under the Dynamis label though. Securing a knife and flashlight to the belt for EDC is nice and smooth nothing to bind up the removal. Thanks Dom

  14. Dr. Glenn Barney (verified owner)

    Extremely comfortable and practical.

  15. Nazarbek Sydykov (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, very low profile and sturdy. Shipping was very fast

  16. Barry M. (verified owner)

    Really good belt. No buckles to get in the way, rugged but comfortable. Size adjusts to whatever you’re wearing. Works with holster with no issues. Concealment pockets are small but versatile. Belt looks pretty cool with the red stitching on the logo and along the seams.

  17. Joshua Schave (verified owner)

    As always, great product, fast delivery! Thank you

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great quality belt! I highly recommend this to real professionals who care about personal and private protection

  19. Tom (verified owner)

    Love my belt. Very convenient and does a nice job of holding my EDC

  20. Patrick J. (verified owner)

    My 2nd belt and still just as happy!

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good stuff!

  22. richard (verified owner)

  23. David M. (verified owner)

    I’ve been wearing the LoPro 1.5 belt daily as my everyday belt for a week now with a full pocket loadout. The items are not noticeable visibly, and I can’t feel them when running, walking, sitting or laying down, so I give the belt an ‘A’ for comfort. It is exceptionally well made, with the pocket designs being easily accessible from front and back, while keeping contents secure. The ‘low vis’ design means it won’t get a second look which is exactly the purpose. I love it and can’t fault it – worth every cent, with the plus of supporting a veteran owned business.

  24. Michael H. (verified owner)

    Great belt I’m very happy with this pirchase

  25. SCOTT (verified owner)

  26. John (verified owner)

    Crushed it!

  27. Todd (verified owner)

    Exactly what I was wanting. Quality material and great workmanship!

  28. Ryan B. (verified owner)

    Coolest and most functional belt I’ve ever owned

  29. Ricardo Aguilar (verified owner)

    Love this belt and all of its features. Currently rocking it on my trip to Central America

  30. James Burgard (verified owner)

    Awesome belt, wearing it currently. Love the features!

  31. Eric Terrell (verified owner)

    Love the Quality of the belt and the fit.

  32. Nathaniel (verified owner)

  33. ken Forbus (verified owner)

    The only issue is the velcro could be a little more aggressive. Doesn’t want to stay at the tip. Over all is is a great belt and I wear it daily.

  34. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I really like the buckle-less design. I can easily adjust this belt at any time. That and the stash pockets make this one of my preferred belts. Before I got this belt I was wearing a way of the gun belt. I like this belt just as much as that belt. Though this one is stiffer and has more adjustability, I like the elastic on the other. Sometimes you must have a buckle, otherwise I’m going to wear this belt.

  35. Gabriel M. (verified owner)

    Great belt, keeps up a lot of daily gear!

  36. Leonard (verified owner)

    Love the no buckle, and the belt is conforable and isnt overly stiff, works great when im at work with a centerdrive and big folder on my belt, or packing a shield, extra mag and folder. The stash pockets are tight, but i put a $20 in a small plastic pouch so i can pull it out easy. I was hoping to carry a few 1/2 ounce silver coins in the front pocket but i got the 1.5, my fault. Belt kicks ass and the price i thought was great, all others i saw were $100 or higher. I could go on about the belt. Dont over think or make excuses, just buy the damn thing

  37. Matthew D. (verified owner)

    I ordered the belt at 7:00 am on a Saturday. By 8:30 am I had a not only a confirmation but a shipping confirmation. The belt arrived on time and was even better than I had hoped for. Great construction, unique functions, the belt met every expectation that I had. Dynamis CRUSHED EVERYTHING in this sales process. I will be ordering more things from them in the next week or two.

  38. Timothy Neal (verified owner)

    Perfect for my EDC needs!!!!

  39. Ryan Hancox (verified owner)

    Works as advertised. Love the hidden features.

  40. Timothy D. (verified owner)

    Love the belt and quality! I was disappointed that it did not come with the mess pocket in the back.

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

    just what I was looking for. Great product. Perfect for Everday use. From shorts to jeans.

  42. Anonymous (verified owner)

  43. Michael W. (verified owner)

    Well constructed, clean design. Completely enhances my EDC load and removes the restrictions buckles introduce.

  44. Thomas A. (verified owner)

    Great belt and super comfortable

  45. Richard (verified owner)

    I love the belt so much that I bought another!

  46. Guillermo R. (verified owner)

    Great product, fast shipping! I used the belt to travel to mexico and I felt just a bit more confortable knowing I had a couple of aces under my sleeve or should I say my belt?

  47. Anonymous (verified owner)

  48. Scott (verified owner)

  49. James (verified owner)

    Novel and well made belt

  50. Christopher D. (verified owner)

    Great belt! Love the hidden pockets. My only ding is I wish it were just slightly stiffer for carrying a holster. But it is made very well. Time will tell…I wish I could give it like 4.8 out of 5, it deserves more than a “4”

  51. Tom (verified owner)



  53. Alexander R.

  54. William Belser

  55. Chris T.

    This belt was exactly what I was looking for. It fits like a glove, has great utility and for IWB EDC, the adjustments are quick and easy. I highly recommend!

  56. Anonymous

  57. Ralph

    I love the belt! You have to get one. It was just what I expected. What I didn’t expect was the incredibly fast order processing. Absolutely second to none!

  58. Evangelos Angelou

  59. David Derby

  60. Anonymous

  61. JP Manning

    THANKS !!

  62. S STONE

    Jack cart is the Man, don’t think just buy it

  63. Michael Fabiano

    Quality product

  64. Adam

    Works well. Only added 6 quarters to distal pocket so it would not be too bulky. Pockets need worked quite a bit if you want to use them.

  65. Adam


  66. Chad Jordan

    Shipping was quick and the belt is exactly what I wanted.

  67. Mark P.

    Well made, works as advertised

  68. Mark L.

    I am really pleased with this belt! Definitely lives up to its billing, and the customer service was excellent!

  69. Nicholas V.

    This is a very comfortable and functional belt, which are what you look for in a piece of tactical equipment. Thank you Jack Carr for pointing me to Dynamis.

  70. WarriorMom5 (verified owner)

    My Marine brother got one; since we always compete on who is cooler, I had to have it as soon as he started “sibling-bragging” about his. I wear it under my duty belt as a LEO and for EDC when off duty. It’s a tad stiff upon arrival, so you have to work it a little. Fast shipping and a great & simple addition to any wardrobe.

  71. James (verified owner)

    I bought this belt on 9/1/21 and while I love the slimness of it, and it’s ability to hold the weight of my EDC, the comfort wasn’t there. The velcro of the hidden pockets had sharp edges all around which took away comfort while wearing it. Only after I trimmed the velcro down with scissors did I not really have an issue. Were it not for that, it’d have received the full 5 stars.

  72. Daniel N (verified owner)

    I’m a size 34. I ordered the 30-34 and was worried it would not fit, but rolled the dice. It’s fits perfect and has about 4-6” extra length for a secure fit and a adjustability. If I were to use this belt for CCW IWB I’d go bigger, but i have another belt for that when needed. I absolutely love it. Comfortable, fits great with the compartments filled, and low-pro enough not to draw attention. Hope this helps. Pull the trigger on one asap, you won’t regret it.

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