(as·set) noun 

An ASSET is a Person who is irreplaceable, and brings extreme value to everyone they meet and everything they do.

Message from Dom

On behalf of our entire team here at CRUSH EVERYTHING, thank you! If you made it this far and are reading this, we are all grateful that you are continuing your journey with us. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate the fact that you trust us with your life. You can choose to go anywhere and you picked us. We are on a mission to forge the best version of you. We will continue to do everything we can to give you the best Tier-1 experience possible. Stay in the fight, keep crushing everything, and God bless you. We look forward to growing right along side of you on this new journey! 



(mīn(d)set) noun

the established set of attitudes that drive decision making.


(trān) verb

develop and improve (a mental or physical faculty) through perseverance.

The Will to Fight Challenge

The Will To Fight Challenge is a weekly ARMR-UP Community workout that pushes you mentally, physically and spiritually. The top performers in each category are displayed on TWTF Leaderboard.

To view The Will To Fight Challenge and submit your score you must be an ARMR-UP PRO member.


The Will To Fight

The Will To Fight Most Improved

Kait Penning- ^ 1:12

The Will to Fight Leaders


  1. Rob Wensch- 3:03


  1. Kait Penning- 4:28 


(əˈkwip) noun

supply with the necessary items for a distinct purpose.


(inˈɡāj,enˈɡā) noun

to devote attention and focus; to enter into conflict or battle.