What does Low Vis Mean?

Low vis garments and equipment are designed to help the wearer conceal their capabilities in environments where they don’t want to stand out. The goal is to limit overt profile or appearance that is emitted from the user, making them more difficult to identify. Low vis gear is commonly used by security, law enforcement, and military personnel in scenarios where they may need to conceal themselves from enemies or opponents. There are a variety of different types of low vis gear available on the market, so it’s important to know which products will work best for your specific needs. But don’t worry we’ve got your six. We’ve broken down the best low visibility gear to take a closer look at what low vis actually means and how you can equip yourself for any scenario while flying under the radar. Stay safe out there!

What Makes a Good Low Vis Piece of Gear?

First we have to break down low vis. “Low Vis”, meaning low visibility, means your profile is completely covert and you blend seamlessly into your surroundings. Good low vis gear will allow you to remain effective in the worst scenarios while at the same time not giving any indication of its capabilities to the outside observer. Now that we’ve got that clear, let’s break down some of the best ways to remain effective in a low vis setup.

Low Vis Apparel

Your apparel should support you not hinder you, especially in worst case scenarios. Give your apparel and what you wear on a daily basis some deep thought. Can you carry a concealed weapon with what you have on? Can you quickly deploy that weapon? Do you have the capability to carry additional gear like a trauma kit or extra magazines? These are all questions you should be asking yourself when you get dressed in the morning.

The biggest leap in effectiveness can be found in the pants you choose to wear. Wearing something that is comfortable is the first hurdle. The most tactical pants in the world can’t help you if you won’t wear them because they are uncomfortable. Our favorite pants options are the Adaptiv-X jeans and TEK Pants. If you often find yourself in a more causal environment, Adaptiv-X denim is perfect for you. With washes from light to dark and even black and grey colors there is a pair for every style or preference. Every pair comes in the 9 pocket design with our unique slash pockets which are perfect for fitting a phone, trauma, kit or even an extra AR magazine. What about a more professional setting? That’s were the TEK Pants excel in black, grey, and navy blue. These pants are perfect for when you want to remain effective and equipped but find yourself having to blend into the 9-5 workforce. TEK material is water resistant and designed with 4-way-stretch capabilities to give you the edge. With the 9 pocket design in a pant that you could wear to a board meeting you can be confident in your ability to handle any threat.

What if you want to wear your favorite pants but increase their effectiveness? Well the LoPro Belt will give you just that. Designed to be extremely discrete with built in cover for action this belt features three hidden pockets and a buckle-less system to prevent any snags and a quick deployment. The front pocket can be loaded out with quarters to pay a toll or, if needed, used as a self defense weapon. The secondary pocket is used to store cash, documents, a usb, or whatever else you might need to carry discretely. Finally, located on the small of the back while worn, there is a third pocket that can hold a house or handcuff key. The LoPro Belt is a great way to level up your everyday apparel.

We always recommend no matter what you wear that you make sure you get good reps in with it to make sure you know exactly how your clothes will perform when you need to act quickly in extreme situations.

Concealed Carry

The most common question when discussing Low Vis gear often revolves around concealed carry. There are many different aspects of concealed carrying but for now we will look at concealed carry on and off body. 

When carrying a weapon in your waistband a large part is comfortability. Like we mentioned earlier if your gear isn’t comfortable it won’t do you any good because you won’t wear it. If you have seen any of our training then you know we recommend carrying at the 5 o’clock position as it allows you to draw even in a close combat situation. Whichever way you carry, the most important factor is retention. This applies to carrying pistols as well as blades. Retention of your weapon is imperative to remaining effective when things go south. Equally important is the retention your holster or sheath has on your waistband. The Dynamis holster and Blade Sheath are equipped with our patented Zero Clips. These clips have a cloth grabbing tab that latches on to your waistband and remains in place in the most active scenarios.

A less common solution to concealed carry is the off body carry. Storing a weapon in a bag is a good setup but it will only hinder you in the end if you cannot deploy your weapon rapidly and precisely. The LVL and LVL Comp bag are great solutions to this problem. The same Dynamis Holster and Blade Sheath can be paired with the LVL IWB Panel and IWS Panel in the bags to give you great retention and quick access to your weapons. When deployed with the pull handle, the bag rests on you chest when your weapon is drawn and can hold an armor plate to protect your vital organs.

Low vis gear is essential for remaining effective and not drawing unwanted attention to yourself. While there are many options on the market for low vis apparel, we recommend sticking with brands that specialize in this type of gear. By doing so, you can be sure that the products have been tested and will meet your needs. Have you tried any of the low vis gear we’ve mentioned? Let us know how it worked out for you in the comments below.

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