The NEPT-X SMR Blade

Big Upgrades to the SMR

We’ve given our most radical blade a big upgrade. The SMR Blade is now offered with our proprietary jet black NEPT-X coating. This is the same corrosion and salt water-resistant coating featured on the Combat Flathead GEN-2. It was developed in collaboration with F1 Firearms and is available only for Dynamis Gear. We have spent years developing this revolutionary technology, and after rigorous saltwater, sweat, and durability testing, we finally built a coating that holds up to our standards.

The NEPT-X SMR Blade

NEPT-X Coating

NEPT-X Coating brings the SMR Blade to a whole new level. The SMR was built to be compact enough to hide in plain sight so that you can take it with you virtually anywhere. And since it doesn’t need a belt, you can wear it with board shorts, swimwear, or yoga pants. The minimalistic design even comes with a built-in cover for action. It’s a bottle opener when you want it to be, and a blade when you need it to be. So you will always have an answer for why you brought a blade to the party. At only 5.75″ in total length and a 2″ front cutting edge The SMR Blade can be easily carried while wearing minimal clothing and without drawing unwanted attention.

The NEPT-X SMR Blade

The SMR is made from extremely corrosive-resistant CPMS110V steel, and now that it is paired with NEPT-X, the blade is practically invincible. If you spend a lot of time in and around the water, or just live an active lifestyle, here’s a blade that can finally keep up.

The NEPT-X SMR Blade

Pairing the SMR blade with the NEPT-X Coating was an easy decision. Making our most innovative and versatile blade fully corrosion-resistant was an easier one. Now you can carry this amazing blade anywhere without giving it a second thought. Oh, and its jet black too.

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