UNDERSTANDING THE PURPOSE AND FUNCTION BEHIND G-10 WHY NON-METALLIC BLADES ARE BECOMING MORE POPULAR As the world changes, so do our tactics. As most of our followers know, we advocate for the good guys. To do what is right and just. We have never and will never encourage anyone to break the law. However, we …



COMBAT FLATHEAD UPGRADE FOR THE PROS Looking for increased capability and security? Increased use and application of the Combat Flathead, demanded a solid solution for anchoring this go to tool in a professional environment. Now you can mount your CFH with a solid draw and reference point anywhere you have Molle. ANCHORED TO YOUR RIG …

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The NEPT-X SMR Blade

The NEPT-X SMR Blade

Big Upgrades to the SMR We’ve given our most radical blade a big upgrade. The SMR Blade is now offered with our proprietary jet black NEPT-X coating. This is the same corrosion and salt water-resistant coating featured on the Combat Flathead GEN-2. It was developed in collaboration with F1 Firearms and is available only for …

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