Patriot Jeans


$150.00 USD

Made in USA


Made in the USA
34.5″ Inseam, Tailor to Perfect Fit
Tier-1 Designed and Developed
Medium Rugged Classic Wash
Modern Taper with a little room to breath
9 Pocket Pattern
Signature Slash Pockets
Signature Multi-Cam stretch waistband
Rivet-less Reinforced Stitching
"Patriot" the name
Detailed Trims

Developed for

American Made Materials combined with our best design and layout = a rugged but modern pair of functional jeans. Once the slash pocket becomes a part of your life, it's challenging to see jeans any other way. Introducing the PATRIOT! 🇺🇸


The last stash of American Cone denim we have! This one is special because this material is the first pair of Jeans/material that started us on this journey. Each year it get more difficult to keep all materials inside these borders which we live in. This will be the last of its kinds so in a sense its the start and end of a new era. With the launch of these jeans will come a new excitement for what is possible knowing that we are down to the last yardage of material from which we started. We chose a mid wash and styling that would portray confidence but not stick out when trying to blend in. This is the true professionals choice. I feel like the saying, “If you know you know” is appropriate here.

34.5″ in length allows our end users to customize and tailor to their personal  fit. 

Our lifestyle is different. Our lifestyle demands the highest level of quality and thoughtfulness in everything we create. We will what we train for and prepare for. Our apparel and gear should be able to keep up. Developed entirely by Operators of the highest level of Special Operations and designed from real-world combat experience to bring you the absolute best and most effective gear on the market.

The modern taper does a great job at fitting in across the globe regardless of where your journey takes you. We wanted to add strategic mobility and breathability in key areas. If you have liked ADX jeans in the past, we think you are really going to dig these. 

We have improved our overall stretch properties that Adaptiv-X is know for and continued to perfect our 9 pocket pattern for fit, form, and function. Constructed with purpose, we’ve created a place for everything with this superior design. Give your knife its own home, your wallet and your phone their own space and still have room for your hands, your keys and your everyday carry items while maintaining a low signature.

An ADAPTIV-X  trademark, the slash pockets are the greatest pockets you will ever have. Perfect for everyday carry, the range, a cell phone, a slash kit or whatever you need, the slash pocket is the most comfortable and convenient pocket you will never want to be without! It works by shifting the load of what you are carrying to the side. Allowing you to hinge at the hips or sit down without being restricted in your movement! Once you transition to using these for your phone, wallet, and mags, you will never go back. 

We removed all rivets and replaced them with strategically placed bar tacks to increase overall function and durability. With Adaptiv-X apparel, you never have to sacrifice style for functionality.

The name really says it all in this one. A lot of people throw around the name Patriot but often times do not truly embrace its true meaning. With the style and design of these jeans and the meaning behind the material, it’s a name that will get us to stop and reflect on how we got here and who we are all called to be. Patriots. Standing and fighting for what is true and just. Not letting anything get in our way in the pursuit of freedom. 

Sewn in USA Made Custom American Made Flag, Custom ADX Buttons, Custom ADX Care/Size Labels, and Detailed Hang Tags.

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  • I was looking for a EDC Jean that looked as good as a classic Wrangler style Jean. Decided to try these out and they are exactly what I was looking for.
    1. The jeans are very comfortable
    2. They are very functional and the 9 pocket design is the best thing since sliced bread. I carry my pocket knife and a surefire stiletto light in the front “mag” pockets keeping the regular front pockets open for a wallet and keys. The back “slash” pockets are great for phones and rifle mags, etc..
    3. They look good with tennis shoes, boots and cowboy boots.

    May 16, 2023
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