The Dynamis Nonmetallic G-10 Blade Line is finally here!

Introducing the DG-10 Full Size and the The RZG-10. Designed for use in austere environments and situations where a metallic signature is not desired. Their overall design was inspired by a new need in a changing world. Tier-1 operators, Navy SEALS, and other units around the world know that there is a need to be able to adapt to each changing environment. Designed and developed by warriors through their collective experience in low vis missions, close quarters battle, and combatives. The blade is machined from high quality G-10, an extremely durable polymer that allows you to have an extremely effective defense tool within reach and ready to go.

The edge of the DG-10 Full Size is 3.75″ with an overall length of 8.25″, while the edge of the RZG-10 Compact is 3.25″ with an overall length of 7.25″.  Their customized and sculpted shape is a perfect fit for both reverse and forward grip fighting, modeled after the shape and style of the Dynamis metallic blade line. The full grip is ideal for both bare and gloved hands. For added grip, jimping was placed on the thumb ramp, under the hilt, and on the pommel. 

Dynamis G-10 Blades are concealable combative blades that transition seamlessly to a professional working environment when you want to move undetected. The DG-10 and RZG-10 Blades are created to fit in the exact same sheath as other Dynamis Blades. Pair it with the IWS Blade Sheath for absolutely no metallic signature when used with Adaptiv-X IWS Pants. New versions of those are both in the works in the Dynamis R&D shop.