Are you an ASSET?

It is a powerful and contemplative question. If we are focused on the right things in life, that is the goal. To be an ASSET in all situations. To become irreplaceable no matter what you’re doing. To be such a great family member that no one in your life could imagine you being gone. To be so on point at work that none of your teammates could imagine handling the task without you.

CRUSH EVERYTHING is truly a way of life. An attitude that we need to carrying with us always. When we say CRUSH EVERYTHING, we mean it. Every detail from the smallest to the largest matter. They are all compounding into who we are becoming and the sooner we realize this, the sooner we can put it all together. Our mission at CRUSH EVERYTHING is YOU.

We are relentlessly seeking the best ways to forge you into the ASSET that God has called you to be. There are 3 main pillars we will tirelessly focus on during your engagement with us. MENTAL, PHYSICAL, AND SPIRITUAL. We know from our own experience that we will engage in battles throughout our-lives in each one of these categories. Knowing this, we need to prepare for every single one of them. It is not a matter of if, but when. ARMR-UP is one critical aspect of what CRUSH EVERYTHING is. A big one at that. It stands as our daily reminder to put on the full armor. The armor in its entirety. Mental, physical, and spiritual. If we truly know that battle will reach our doorstep at some point in our lives, then we need to be pushing each other in any way we can. If you’re reading this, chances are you are a lot like us at heart. We refuse to be the victim. We refuse to not live life to our fullest potential. Even if we do not know what our potential is, we are living to find it.

Living this lifestyle and CRUSHING EVERYTHING is not just reserved for Tier-1 units. While they live this lifestyle really well, it doesn’t stop there. It applies to us all. The father seeking to do the best he can to be an ASSET and raise his children to live and engage with the best lives possible. The teenager seeking to find purpose and direction. The mother wanting to improve her ability to protect her children. The warrior seeking to sharpen his sword. The wanderer looking to improve awareness and engagement in life.

We are all on a different mission, but the truth is that being an ASSET can change the world. YOU can change the world. We believe this so much that we dedicated our lives to helping you achieve that goal. When we say CRUSH EVERYTHING we mean, EVERYTHING.